Mark Groom

Mark Groom

Drummer for the Skyliners for more than 26 years, Mark has turned more than a few heads in the music industry. Jimmy Beaumont said, “Near the end of a show a few years ago, I turned around and Mark was playing with his right arm in a cast! He literally played that show (and for 5 more weeks) with one arm in a sling!”

But what put Mark in the elite class as a drummer is his 11 cymbals in 1. This is an instructional video demonstrating his unique style of getting 11 different sounds from one cymbal. It has sold worldwide and has brought him attention from cymbal companies, schools and some world famous drummers. Mark says, “It can really make your day when you get a letter from New Zealand saying you have influenced some drummer’s style”.

Mark’s two brothers were both with The Skyliners for 20 odd years until Terry’s death in 1996. His brother Dale recently passed away with a similar heart problem. Along with The Skyliners, the three brothers backed name acts like The Diamonds, Little Anthony, The Coasters, The Drifters, Sam and Dave, to only name a few.

Why with the Skyliners for so long? Aside from loving the music, Mark says “Jimmy Beaumont is fun to work for. Unlike a lot of front men he is very musical. He trusts my judgement on how I play a song and if he wants a particular song played a certain way… I trust his…”.

Mark has said many times “In a way I’m living the dream I had as a 12 year old kid… playing the drums for a living!”

Photo by Randy Barker.

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