Donna Groom

Donna Groom

Donna Groom began singing at 18 months and learned to play the piano at 2 and a half. She also learned to play the pipe organ and played regularly for service at 9 years old. Her formal training was with concert pianists Barbara and Audley Wasson in Dayton Ohio and Joseph Esposito Jr. in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. These studies took her through many years of performances and competitions, some of which she was a first place winner. One of her accomplishments was performing the Grieg Piano Concerto with the symphony orchestra at 15.

After attending Duquesne University on scholarship, she joined “Jimmy Beaumont and The Skyliners” as the female lead vocalist.

Ms. Groom is also a professional studio musician and singer. She has written and recorded many TV and radio jingles, both local and regional. She has a CD in Japan titled ìMind Cruisiníî, and was a featured guest artist on several others. Donna has acted as vocal contractor and/or background performer on several of the popular PBS “My Music” series, ranging from Doo Wop to country. She was also consulted and helped with post-production.

Donna graduated cum laude from Duquesne University with a degree in organ and sacred music. She has held music director positions in several churches in the area and is currently serving at St. John’s United Church of Christ in Evans City, PA. She is also on the faculty at Lincoln Park Performing Arts School as a vocal instructor. Ms. Groom was awarded the Henry N. Mancini Achievement Award in 2003. She is a member of the American Guild of Organistís Pittsburgh Chapter where she holds the Colleague certificate. Donna is also a member of AFTRA and a past president of the Lions Club aiding in programs and medical research for the blind.

Photo by Randy Barker.

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